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Stereotypes are all too prevalent in today's society. I wrote and constructed a storybook tackling the stereotype which assumes that overweight individuals don't care about their health and appearance. 


The short story follows an overweight individual through their day, highlighting the highs and lows.

I included thoughts and comments that an overweight person may often times encounter and that the reader may be guilty of thinking or even saying. This creates a connection and, more importantly, awareness.

Interview Questions


1. How physically fit do you consider yourself?

2. How physically fit do others consider you?
3. How balanced do you consider your diet?
4. How many days per week do you partake in physical activity/exercise?

5. How do you feel about your self image?
6. Do you have any dietary or physical restrictions keeping you from having a balanced diet or exercise routine?

I interviewed several individuals who consider themselves overweight. This gave insight to both their routines and feelings.

*names changed

Vanessa, student


“My body doesn’t show what I am. It’s a cage. I hate what I see.”

Sharon, professor


She is very active. She has a dog that she walks/runs 2-5 miles a day.

Kim, barista


Kim considers herself slightly overweight. This makes her tired, self conscious, and she won’t wear certain things.

Creating a prototype for the moving parts of the book helped in planning for the final product.

The moving parts create intrigue and emphasize the significance of content.

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